WirelessLAB is an innovation environment for Ireland's wireless technology community; a collaborative network that encourages interaction between members, drives the development of a wireless Centre of Excellence, supports entrepreneurial initiatives and helps build critical mass internationally.

is well placed to deliver real competitive advantage to its members through its activities and its special relationship with the renowned wireless network; Cambridge Wireless. This opens the opportunity to connect with like-minded entities throughout the island of Ireland and the UK, thereby broadening scope for meaningful collaboration.

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Active Antenna Architecture SIG

The migration of electronics to the tower-top presents many opportunities to improve the efficiency and performance of the overall Radio Access Network.

Efficient Devices for Radio Systems SIG

Radio Access infrastructures are moving toward the integration of electronics into masthead product/systems. There is a growing focus on the size, efficiency, flexibility and a power aspect of component solutions for these next generation radios; innovative solutions are required.

WirelessLAB Annual General Meeting

WirelessLAB will host their third Annual General Meeting for all members on 13th November 2012 in NovaUCD, Belfield Innovation Park, Belfield, Dublin 4

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